“will leave an indelible mark on all who reads it” 
The Lady

"A very fine debut novel indeed. Recommended to book clubs for its portrayal of the sheer strength of women." 
WI Life Magazine

“compellingly gritty” 
Image Magazine

“a compelling read… if you love ML Steadman’s Between the Oceans,
then you will probably enjoy this”
New Books Magazine

"this is a story of a mother's love which will capture your heart"
No. 1 Magazine

"dark, atmospheric first novel"
Compass Magazine

"This is an exceptional debut novel and one that I'd urge anyone to read"

“In my unending search for the next Scandinavian crime sensation I was a sitting target for
Dea Brovig's first novel. Brovig moved to the UK from Norway in her late teens, but her stark and windswept
childhood is still much in evidence here”
Sam Baker, Harpers Bazaar

"...crisp prose which conjures the haunting atmosphere of an insular town on a cold coast"

"At first I was impressed and by the end I was astounded"

“an absorbing read” 

“The whole is suffused in the isolation of the Norwegian coastal town perfectly captured with only the merest hint of description. This isn't the Scandinavia
of current crime vogue, but much more akin to the writing of Tove Jansson.” 

an interesting and thought-provoking book”